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Product Name: Papain



High-activity Stablized Refined Papain: > 3,000,000 u/g


Refined Purified Papain: > 2,300,000 u/g


Papain Sub-enzyme: > 1,000,000 u/g


Papain Coarse-enzyme: > 30,000 u/g


Activity: 60TU/mg-1750TU/mg or 60TU/mg-1750TU/mg


Enzyme serum: > 60,000 u/g


Botanical Name: Carica papaya


About Papain:

Papain is a natural enzyme, a kind of endopeptidese containing hydrosulfide group(-SH), extracted from the milky juice of the unripe papaya by biotechnology. It has strong ability of hydrolyzing protein and can be used for improving the nutritional value or function of the plants and the animals protein.



The strict concentration limit of microbe and heavy metal by using the biotechnology and the membrane separation technique,can achieve the pharma and food grade.


Range of Usage:

Apply on animal and plant proteolysis,meat flavoring ,marine product processing, biscuit, baking and other health food processing, pharmaceutical in diminish inflammation and digestant, feed industry.