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Asparagus extract
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Asparagus extract

Product Name: Asparagus extract


Specification: Asparagoside4%-10%


Detection methods: HPLC


Latin Name: Asparagus Officinalis


About Asparagus extract:

  Asparagus Extract is a detoxifying agent extracted from whole, organically grown asparagus. It is specifically designed to strengthen immunity and the benefit kidney and digestive functions.

  Numerous studies by researchers, clinics, and doctors have concluded that Asparagus Extract is effective in improving immunity and destroying abnormal cells.

  Normal cells can biosynthesize aspartic acid, which is necessary for cells to grow. However, unhealthy cells cannot biosynthesize aspartic acid themselves, so they depend on the normal cells?aspartic acid to live.           Asparagus Extract degrades aspartic acid to inhibit unwanted cell growth. Consisting of aldehyde and ketone,  Asparagus Extract is able to kill abnormal cells during electron transference. Asparagus Extract also contains a high quantity of the trace element Selenium, which is a powerful anti-oxidant. In addition, the active ingredient Asparagoside adjusts immunity and increases the transfer activity of

  Asparagus Extract and Interlukin 2 (a substance approved by the Food and Drug Administration for treating kidney cancer and a medical agent commonly used by people who are HIV positive) were given to groups of mice. After months of experimentation, results showed that the positive Interlukin 2 functions had doubled because Asparagus Extract was included in the diet. Researchers have since determined that such is the case not only in mice but in healthy humans and, more importantly, cancer patients.