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author:admin   source:admin   published:2013-04-24 16:05:05
Product Name: Closantel

CAS No.: 57808-65-8

Molecular Formula: C22H14Cl2I2N2O2

Molecular Weight: 663.07

Appearance: White powder, no odor.

Closantel is a broad-spectrum antiparasitic agent used against several species and developmental stages of trematodes, nematodes and arthropods. The anti-trematode activity of closantel is mainly used against liver fluke. The anti-nematode and anti-arthropod activity is especially used against those species which feed on blood or plasma.
Closantel is an uncoupler of the mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation resulting in inhibition of the ATP-synthesis. This induces a dramatic change in the energy metabolism which finally leads to the death of the parasite.