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Siliceous Earth
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Siliceous Earth

Product name: Siliceous Earth

CAS: 91053-39-3

Molecular weight: 60.084

Description: Siliceous earth is a purified form of “silica,” which naturally occurs in nature and rocks and is known to contribute to the health of skin, hair, and bones. Horsetail, which I posted about earlier, is also a good source of silica, but siliceous earth has additional benefits because of its unique form.


Siliceous earth is a general term including both diatomaceous earth (diatomite) and radiolarian earth (radiolarite)—natural soil or mineral products composed of fossils and other elements. In cosmetics, siliceous earth is a purified form of silica, obtained by diluting and filtering pure silica, which is a white powder that is present in 12 percent of rocks. Sand is also a silica.