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Potassium Methoxysalicylate(4MSK)
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Potassium Methoxysalicylate(4MSK)

Product name: Potassium Methoxysalicylate(4MSK

CAS: 152312-71-5

Molecular formula: C8H7KO4

Molecular weight: 206.24

Description: Raw Appearance: odorless white crystal or powder

4MSK (4-Methoxy Salicylic Acid KCI) 4 - methoxy salicylic acid potassium salt , as a medicinal whitening ingredients, with keratosis adjustment process , inhibit the formation of melanin , prevent pigmentation due to sun generates , freckles role:

   1 , can be coordinated and smooth skin metabolism , to correct abnormal epidermal hyperplasia, dyskeratosis and atrophy, abnormal keratinization improve , promote the discharge of melanin ; simultaneously promote increased transparency keratin particles increased grain layer thickened stratum corneum change thin, accelerated keratin layer of cells into action to achieve smooth skin whitening.

   2 , blocking melanin melanin source. 4MSK inhibit Mylar Ning Shengcheng role. As the basal layer of the epidermis of pigment -forming cells (Melanocyte) increased production of melanin , the presence of an excess of melanin , the skin looks very dark . Melanin is the pigment generally by the formation of keratinocyte cells to pass , as skin keratinocytes , pushed to the skin surface , with the peel removed from the stratum corneum of the skin . 4MSK can accelerate this metabolic process , thus balancing skin whitening , ease and reduce excessive pigmentation , prevent freckles , pigmentation , whitening shortened cycle , whitening effect is more significant , is a highly effective cosmetic ingredients .

   3 , enhance self-healing power . Added 4MSK whitening products, can make the skin healthy outermost horny , so smooth discharge of melanin , and various types of whitening products with each other using existing whitening whitening effect can improve the product . More than 50 times penetrant or transdermal agent , showing good prospects for development.