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Antileukine 6
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Antileukine 6

Product name: Antileukine 6


Antileukine 6 is a patented, innovative immunological filter.

Antileukine 6 binds to PAF* receptors and avoids keratinocyte activation, reducing inflammation.

Antileukine 6 reduces DNA damage produced by UV.

Antileukine 6 reduces the number of damaged cells by over 40%, protecting against the changes in DNA, skin photoageing and sun burn.

Antileukine 6 strengthens the natural defense system against sunlight, protecting the organism's immune system.

In combination with vitamin E, it provides protection against the activity of free radicals responsible for skin photoageing. Alleviates and reduces inflammatory states caused by sunburn and protects against photoallergy.

PAF - platelet-activating factor. It is responsible for allergic  and inflammatory reactions. PAF receptors bind the platelet-activating factor and inhibit inflammation and allergic reactions.