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CD14 MicroBeads, human
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CD14 MicroBeads, human

Product Name: CD14 MicroBeads, human


Background information:

The CD14 antigen belongs to the LPS receptor complex. Binding of antibody to CD14 does not trigger signal transduction since CD14 lacks a cytoplasmatic domain. CD14 is strongly expressed on most monocytes and macrophages and weakly on neutrophils and some myeloid dendritic cells.


Downstream applications:

The most eminent use of monocytes isolated by MACS® Technology is their ex vivo differentiation into monocyte-derived dendritic cells (Mo-DCs). The excellent purity and recovery obtained by using CD14 MicroBeads provide a pure and consistent cell source (fig. 1). Contamination with unwanted cells (e.g. platelets) which may interfere with a controlled differentiation process is markedly reduced, and the isolated monocytes can be induced to differentiate into a homogenous population of immature as well as mature Mo-DCs. Dendritic cells generated from monocytes isolated by MACS® Technology have been used in many different fields of application.

Apart from the generation of dendritic cells, monocytes are isolated, for example, for ex vivo generation of macrophages or for studies on cytotoxicity or migration.