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Anti-AN2 MicroBeads, human and mouse
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Anti-AN2 MicroBeads, human and mouse

Product Name: Anti-AN2 MicroBeads, human and mouse


Anti-AN2 MicroBeads have been developed for positive selection or depletion of murine or human AN2+ glial cells.


Background information

AN2 is the mouse homolog of the rat NG2 and human MCSP protein. NG2 is a chondroitin sulfate glycoprotein that is expressed by glial progenitor cells in the developing and adult central nervous system (CNS) and by immature Schwann cells.

NG2/AN2+ glia has been identified as a fourth major glial cell type in the mammalian CNS that is distinct from other cell types. NG2/AN2+ cells are precursors of oligodendrocytes and some protoplasmic astrocytes in the grey matter. NG2/AN2 expression is down-regulated before the cells undergo terminal differentiation. However, a population of NG2/AN2+ cells remain in the white and grey matter after oligodendrocytes are generated.

NG2/AN2+ glial cells participate in neuron-glial circuits by receiving presynaptic input from neurons and responding to neurotransmitters released by synapses.

Many highly migratory neural tumors including melanomas express NG2/AN2.