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T Cell Isolation Kit II
author:admin   source:admin   published:2013-04-25 10:22:18
T Cell Isolation Kit II

Product Name: CD4+CD25+CD127dim/-Regulatory T Cell Isolation Kit II, human


The CD4+CD25+CD127dim/– Regulatory T Cell Isolation Kit II was developed for the isolation of CD4+CD25+CD127dim/– Treg cells from human PBMCs. The isolation is performed in a two-step procedure.


Background information

CD127, the α-chain of the IL-7 receptor, is expressed on the majority of mature T cells and plays an important role in their proliferation and differentiation. However, on regulatory T cells CD127 is absent and its expression inversely correlates with FoxP3 expression. Thus, CD127 can be used as an additional marker to discriminate between human regulatory and activated T cells.


Detailed separation procedure

First, the isolation of CD4+CD25+CD127dim/– regulatory T cells was performed with a cocktail of biotinylated antibodies and Anti-Biotin MicroBeads for the depletion of non-CD4+ and CD127high cells. In the second step, the flow-through fraction of pre-enriched CD4+CD127dim/– T cells is labeled with CD25 MicroBeads for subsequent positive selection of CD4+CD25+CD127dim/– regulatory T cells.


Downstream applications

Isolation of CD4+CD25+CD127dim/– regulatory T cells from human PBMCs for further phenotypical or functional characterization.